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About us


Animagic S.L. was born on 2004 as a small Animation service company, and then changed its name to THE SPA Studios (standing for Sergio Pablos Animation) on 2010. Since the beginning, our focus has been on producing high quality work in all things Animation, providing Production and Pre-Production services for such clients as Universal, Blue Sky, Warner and Disney, to name a few.

At the same time, we’ve made a great effort in developing original content for Feature Animation Films. We succesfully created and developed the original Story and materials on which Universal’s “Despicable Me” is based, and are currently in negotiations in regards to several other Feature Film properties.

Whether you’re looking for a professional Studio to cover your Animated Production’s needs or for original Feature Film concepts, give us a call. It’s what we do!

Who we are:

Sergio Pablos
Owner and Creative Director
Sergio Pablos

Pablos is a renouned Supervising Animator whose credits include Disney’s “Tarzan”, “Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Hercules”, to name a few.

As a Character designer, he’s also credited in Disney’s “Tarzan”, “A Goofy Movie”, and the upcoming Blue Sky’s “Rio”, among many others.

His credits also include Original Story and Executive Producer on Universal’s “Despicable Me”.

Under his leadership, The SPA Studios has contributed to numerous Animated Feature Films, such as “Nocturna”, “Asterix and the Vikings”, “Despicable Me”and “Rio”, to name a few, as well as a long list of commercials and other short subject productions. Be sure to stop by our Gallery and Demo sections to check out some samples of our work.

Marisa Roman
Executive Producer
Marisa Román

Roman was employed for several years at the Walt Disney Studios as a Production Coordinator in the Communications Dept., where she acted as a liason between the Studio’s Animated productions and sixteen other divisions of the Company. She performed these tasks for Productions such as “Tarzan” and “A Bug’s Life”, among others.

Since then, she has acted as Executive Producer for The SPA Studios, overviewing every project the company has been involved in.

Fernando Moro
Animation Director
Fernando Moro

Coming from a long line of Animation artists, Moro is best known for his work for Bluth Studios and Fox. His credits as a Supervising Animator include Bluth’s “Anastasia”, “Land Before Time” and “All Dogs go to Heaven”.

Most recently, he was the Animation Director on Illion Studio’s “Planet 51”.