‘Giacomo’s Secret’ Character Design by Borja Montoro

Another delightful character design found in our archives from ‘Giacomo’s Secret’! By Borja Montoro.

incidentals Giacomo

Clean Up Training Summer 2017

It’s a go!

The selected students have already started their Clean Up Training with us! We’re rooting for as many of them as possible to acquire the skills to join our ranks on ‘Klaus’.

2Q7A0028 - copia_02




Dr. Doppler Progression Shot 3 by Sergio Pablos

After a long wait, here it is: Dr. Doppler Progression Shot 3 by Sergio Pablos!

‘Household Pests’ Art by Dany Fernandez

A character design proposal for ‘Household Pests’, in development over at Pigmental Studios (pigmentalstudios.com/projects). Art by Dany Fernandez.

ideas monstruillos options 2

‘The Soldiers’ Speed Drawing by Sergio Pablos

Been waiting for the speed drawing of ‘The Soldiers’? Here it is! By Sergio Pablos.

Character Explorations by Fernando González

More character explorations by our Character Design intern, Fernando González!

8 Hyde exploration 01

‘Klaus’ Progression Shot

Early style test we did when we were first figuring things out for ‘Klaus’. Bouncy, huh?

‘Underdogs': 2D planning versus 3D final shots

More 2D planning versus 3D final shots for ‘Underdogs’! Enjoy!