Exclusive Interview! Despicable Me: The Origin

Exclusive interview! Sergio Pablos gives us a fascinating insight about the origin and development of the hit film, ‘Despicable Me’!

Character design from ‘Giacomo’s Secret’ by Borja Montoro

Ahhh, that classic bowl cut! Character design from ‘Giacomo’s Secret’ by Borja Montoro.

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‘Klaus’ Animation Supervisor, Sergio Martins: WIP animation

Let us introduce you to one of our ‘Klaus’ Animation Supervisors, Sergio Martins, with this cool WIP animation of his! See why we hired him on the spot?

‘Klaus’ Teaser Background by Marcin Jakubowski

Moody early background design from the ‘Klaus’ teaser by Marcin Jakubowski!


‘Rio’ Character Design by Sergio Pablos

Out of Brazil and direct to this amazing expressions sheet, character design from ‘Rio’ by Sergio Pablos.


‘Household Pests’ Exploration by Dany Fernandez

From your nightmares to the original art package for ‘Household Pests’! What do you think of this cool exploration by Dany Fernandez? In development at Pigmental Studios (pigmentalstudios.com/projects).

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‘Giacomo’s Secret’ Character Design by Borja Montoro

Dug out this old-school policemen character design from ‘Giacomo’s Secret’! By Borja Montoro. Tell us what you think about it!

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‘Household Pests’ Art by Marcin Jakubowski

Sharing more exclusive work from the original art package for ‘Household Pests’, in development over at Pigmental Studios (pigmentalstudios.com/projects). Art by Marcin Jakubowski.bathroom_concept01_diffuse_xl_composicion 01