Sergio Pablos and Klaus in the 40 most popular Cartoon Brew posts of 2015

We are glad to hear Sergio Pablos and Klaus are in Cartoon Brew’s ranking of their most popular stories from the past year.

“Sergio Pablos Talks About His Stunning Hand-Drawn Project ‘Klaus’”, from January 2015, was one of the most clicked posts of Cartoon Brew with over 150 comments.

Check out their latest post: “The 40 Most Popular Cartoon Brew Posts of 2015“.


The 40 Most Popular Cartoon Brew Posts of 2015

On the other hand, Sergio Pablos stunned the animation world with his Klaus trailer, Anomalisa pushed stop motion storytelling to new heights, and the Chinese animation/vfx industry scored big wins with Monkey King: Hero is Back and Monster Hunt.

The animation industry is expanding globally at an unprecedented rate — just take a peek at some of next year’s animated features. Animation software is more accessible than ever before and portable tablets are becoming indispensable for many artists. Animation is growing in other ways, too, as the American industry struggles to be more inclusive and address the glaring lack of women and minorities in key creative positions.

Cartoon Brew remains committed to its role as the only industry resource that covers the ever-evolving global animation scene with integrity and transparency. We’re growing, too, adding more contributors to the site this year than ever before, and we’re committed to continued expansion in 2016.

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U-tad y The SPA Studios presentan el Programa de Animación 2D

U-tad y The SPA Studios se han unido para ofrecer a jóvenes profesionales y estudiantes un Programa Avanzado de Animación 2D.

¡No te pierdas la oportunidad de aprender con profesionales en uno de los estudios de animación más prestigiosos del sector!


The SPA Studios es uno de los estudios de animación 2D más prestigiosos de nuestro país, ha trabajado para clientes internacionales de la talla de Universal, Blue Sky, Warner Brothers o Disney desde hace más de 10 años.

U-tad y The SPA Studios se han unido para ofrecer a jóvenes profesionales y estudiantes un Programa Avanzado de Animación 2D.

El curso será impartido en las instalaciones de The SPA Studios por animadores en activo y constará de clases teóricas, prácticas, Máster Classes y proyecto final supervisado.

Los estudiantes vivirán de cerca el ambiente de un estudio de animación, al mismo tiempo que se forman en los métodos de animación 2D, aprenderán los procesos y métodos de trabajo junto a los mejores profesionales dentro de uno de los estudios de más prestigiosos del sector. Para ello, contarán con un puesto de trabajo propio en el estudio (Cintiq y Workstation) con disponibilidad absoluta (en horario laboral del estudio).

¡No te pierdas la oportunidad de aprender con profesionales en uno de los estudios de animación más prestigiosos del sector!

Prepara tu demo reel o portfolio y envíalo a de alguna de estas dos formas:
a) Adjunto con un tamaño no superior a 10MB,
b) Vía link de descarga sin caducidad (p.e. Dropbox). Imprescindible acompañar la reel con los siguientes datos:

  • Nombre y apellidos
  • Email de contacto
  • Teléfono
  • Fecha de nacimiento
  • Dirección

El plazo de recepción de portfolios comienza el lunes 21 de diciembre, y finaliza el domingo 31 de enero. Sergio Pablos, fundador y alma del estudio, seleccionará personalmente los 16 mejores trabajos, cuyos autores pasarán a formar parte del curso. La selección final se comunicará antes del 7 de febrero.

Información del Curso de Animación 2D en Madrid:

Fecha: Del 22 de febrero al 10 de junio

Horario: Mañanas de lunes a viernes y, además, disponibilidad de puesto de trabajo con Cintiq y Workstation durante el horario laboral del estudio.

Precio: 6.500€

Plazas limitadas a 16 estudiantes.

En breve más detalles sobre el programa y las becas de estudio.

Si necesitas algún tipo de información adicional nos puedes encontrar en o en el teléfono 900 373 379.

Source: U-tad

Happy Anniversary “Metegol”!

A day like yesterday, 20th December, two years ago, the 3D Animated film “Futbolín”, known as “Metegol” in Latin America and “Underdogs” in USA, was released in Spain.

Happy anniversary to a film directed by the Oscar winner Juan José Campanella (El Secreto de Sus Ojos).

Did you know? The film had a budget of $21M, making it the most expensive Latin American animation film so far.

With this film, Juan José Campanella got to know 3D Animation hand in hand with The SPA Studios.

Watch our complete portfolio at our website:

The other side of the CTN Animation eXpo 2015

We’ve seen reviews on Sergio Pablos’ presentations at the CTN Animation eXpo.

2D Animation Demonstration, Sergio Pablos.

2D Animation Demonstration, Sergio Pablos.

_MG_2239Demonstrations, Sergio Pablos. 

But what about the great experiences that go with it?

The CTN Animation eXpo brings you the opportunity to meet old friends and colleagues from the animation industry.

Here, a few photos to illustrate “side B” of one of the largest celebrations of the business we’re in.

12307585_10153686230319526_6991566001138909347_oTheodore Ty and Sergio Pablos.

DSC08260Our Art Directors Szymon Biernacki and Marcin Jakubowski as part of the audience of Sergio Pablos’ “Klaus” presentation.

IMG_0599Bert Klein, Tony de Rosa, Sergio Pablos and Borja Montoro; old colleagues from Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Jinko Gotoh, Jaime Maestro, Ken Duncan, Sergio Pablos, Nathalie Martínez and Borja Montoro.

And, to sum up the CTN Animation eXpo experience, a dinner to remember.

IMG_0622From left to right: Mary Conli, Peter de Sève, Roy Conli, Annette Arenas, Manu Arenas, Borja Montoro, Jin Kim, Valentín Amador, Sergio Pablos, Glen Keane, Linda Keane & Susan Kim.

Sergio Pablos of The SPA Studios presents Klaus at CTN – Toon Boom Blog.

This week, find “Sergio Pablos of The SPA Studios presents Klaus at CTN” among the Top 5 Toon Boom’s blog articles. A little recap on Sergio’s presentation of Klaus’ teaser at CTN Animation eXpo last weekend facilitated by ToonBoom.


Sergio Pablo of The SPA Studios Presents Klaus at CTN
Posted on: November 26, 2015 —By Marc-André Bouvier-Pelletier

Toon Boom recently signed a technology collaboration agreement with The SPA Studios for Klaus, their animated feature film currently in development and slated for theatrical release in 2019. Klaus is the latest animated feature film project from Founder Sergio Pablos, co-creator of Despicable Me.

We had the pleasure of meeting Sergio at CTN in Burbank California this weekend, where he presented his trailer for Klaus to a packed room, and came back for an encore presentation to a larger audience the next day.

During his presentation, Sergio talked about the art and techniques used in the Klaus teaser trailer, and how he created such a high-quality look.

He showed us early drawings and explained his visual development process for the characters, which involves many different steps to create the line work, shading and volume. His goal is to maintain the original quality of the original designs all the way through production so that the final result matches his original vision. This causes challenges when going into production, because of the amount of steps required to getting this look and quality, and we aim at reducing them using Harmony.

At one point he was asked about which tools he uses. It was great to hear him talk about why he is choosing Harmony and how we at Toon Boom will be working closely with him and his team to streamline production – by enabling them to do as many steps as possible inside the same tool, Harmony.

It was truly an amazing presentation. If you weren’t able to be there, be sure to check out the trailer to get an idea of what he’s accomplished.

Source: Toon Boom Blog.