The Role of an Art Director in an Animated Film with Szymon Biernacki

We are proud to hear tomorrow Saturday 26th @ 11 AM PDT, our Art Director, Szymon Biernacki, will be giving a lecture about the role of an Art Director in an animated film, sharing his work and experience in our upcoming animated feature film Klaus!

Don’t miss it!

Reserve your online seats at:

“Klaus” teaser, now in Stash Magazine #113

“Klaus” teaser is now in Stash Magazine #113 and forms part of one of the world’s largest online video showcase of animation and VFX.

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Stay inspired with “Klaus” and other outstanding projects featured in Stash 113, indispensable creative resource used by creative professionals and students in over 50 countries.

The SPA Studios Internal Character Design Challenge. 2nd Edition.



Remember our internal tematic Character Design Challenge?
We’ve decided to do it every two weeks.

This weeks’ theme was “Brothers in Poverty” and the challenge was full of impressive original designs.

We all voted to choose the winners and deciding was difficult.
There have been a few draws, so the second place is shared between three artists.

Here are the finalists and winner Character Designs of this week.

In an equally shared second place:

Ana García Galiana (Clean-up Course Ex-Student), reflecting poverty with generosity.


Szymon Biernacki (Art Director in The SPA Studios), with a “trip to the moon”.brothers-in-pverty-02

Marcin Jakubowski (Art Director in The SPA Studios), with a funny interpretation of the theme.brothers_in_poverty

And, this Challenge’s winner:

Dany Fernández Casas (Character Designer in The SPA Studios) with an african approach to the theme.sPkrgOM-6wxPlzR41kkYpzYkrTdHEV9i-57Loa0Ctr0,NG5iybK7zPifGS8UkFAYqMwmIBtDveB-xc3SPtp0DGQ,hJNpcesPRtm4u0ORvKjg_pqLDj8OfrTVjFH5xGYl5ms,xyhG36rnvkt3nDhW48JS6Ef1XqThEOxbdYbHFRCe3IA

Congratulations everybody!

What will be the next theme? Wait for it!

Con motivo del KeyFrame Spain, Telemadrid entrevista a Sergio Pablos.

Post in Spanish

Con motivo del KeyFrame Spain 2015, que ha tenido lugar este pasado fin de semana en Madrid, Zoom de Telemadrid aprovechó para conocer a las promesas del sector de la animación en España.



Enlace a la entrevista:

Sergio Pablos en Taller Canal+, hoy a las 20:45

Post in Spanish

Hoy, a las 20:45, en Taller Canal+, todo sobre la Animación Española.


La tertulia de este taller contará con Enrique Gato (Atrapa La Bandera, Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones), Sergio Pablos (Futbolín), Javier Romero y Víctor Monigote (Mortadelo y Filemón 3D) y Manuel Sicilia (Justin y la espada del valor).

Con “Atrapa la bandera”, la animación española busca superarse a sí misma con otro taquillazo como el que logró con “Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones”. Hoy, en Taller Canal+, charlarán sobre el excelente momento de la animación española con los responsables de estos hitos del cine español.

¡No te lo pierdas!

Más información en:

Sergio Pablos hablará este sábado 19 de septiembre en KEYFRAME SPAIN.

Post in Spanish


U-tad, Centro Universitario de Tecnología y Arte Digital, organiza los próximos días 18 y 19 de septiembre, en la Academia del Cine de Madrid, KEYFRAME SPAIN: claves para tu futuro profesional en Animación, Diseño de Personajes y VFX.


Entre los ponentes estará Sergio Pablos, que hablará este sábado 19 de septiembre de 13:30 a 14:30 sobre “Desarrollo de Contenidos”.

En KEYFRAME SPAIN conocerás las oportunidades que existen para desarrollarte profesionalmente dentro del mundo de la animación, una industria en constante crecimiento y con una importante demanda de nuevos profesionales cualificados.

Además, si eres de los primeros en inscribirse podrás mostrar tu demo reel o porfolio a los ponentes y recibir consejos personalizados para mejorar su contenido y presentación.

Toda la información en:

The Bancroft Brothers Interview Sergio Pablos

Some have hailed Sergio Pablos as the savior of 2D animation with his new film “Klaus”.  The Bancroft Brothers dig deep to find out more about Sergio and his goals and passions.

bancroft brothers
The Bancroft Brothers interview Sergio Pablos.

Find full podcast on the following link:

Animation Podcast #27 – Sergio Pablos – Making Animation at Large and Small Studios



The SPA Studios Internal Character Design Challenge

In The SPA Studios we are back to work; and we are back with new creative ideas.

We’re doing a weekly internal tematic Character Design Challenge.

This weeks’ theme was “Apocalypse” and the challenge was full of impressive designs.

However, only three get to the final and only one is claimed winner.

Here are the finalists and winner Character Designs of this week.

In the third place, Isa Vílchez Miguel (Clean-up Course Ex-Student), with what an Apocalyptic girl would be playing.

In the second place, Dany Fernández Casas (Character Designer in The SPA Studios), with a tribute to all the mothers.


And, finally, the winner: Bárbara Negrete (Clean-up Course Ex-Student) with this amazing Apocalyptic Character Design.


Congratulations everybody!

What will be the theme for next week? Keep up with us!