Happy World Animation Day!

Better late than never…Happy World Animation Day!

Yesterday, 28th October 2015, was the 14th International Animation Day.

This event was proclaimed in 2002 by the ASIFA (International Animated Film Association) as the main global event to celebrate the art of animation.

In recent years, the event has been observed in more than 50 different countries with more than 1000 events, on every continent, all over the world.

We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to congratulate everyone working in the world of Animation with this small tribute.

world animation day

Enjoy! Have a lovely (Post-) Animation Day!


“Klaus”, on 3D Wire

Klaus” announced on 3D Wire Magazine, under “Feature Films“.


3D Wire 2015 is a necessary manual for those interested in Animation and Videogame industry.

Apart from being an extense catalogue on current projects in the industry, it is also a professional database on Animation and Videogame Schools, Festivals and Associations all around Europe.

Check out “Klaus” and today’s latest Animation projects – Short Films, Videogames and other Feature Films at: http://goo.gl/scgVCk!

Welcome to the Future!

The “Future”, as referenced in “Back To The Future Part II”, is TODAY!

Marty McFly and Emmet “Doc” Brown travel from 1985, and arrive to the future the 21st of October 2015.

To commemorate this, there are celebrations all around the globe; and in The SPA Studios, we want to make our little tribute to Zemeckis’ “Back To The Future” saga too.

Here is our small tribute to a film that trespassed frontiers of time.

back to the future

And to end up with… a message from “Doc” Brown in this futuristic day:
“Your future is whatever you make….so make it a good one!”

Have a Lovely Future!

Image by Dany Fernández Casas (Character Designer at The SPA Studios)

Just one month to go for the CTN animation eXpo 2015.

Just one month to go for the CTN animation eXpo 2015.

From Nov 20-22, 2015, The Marriott Hotel and Convention Center Burbank, Calif 91505 USA, will hold this event, where “THE TALENT” is Center Stage. ‪#‎CTNX2015‬

CTNX is the only event of its kind that year after year presents a unique opportunity that brings together the top professionals from both the traditional and digital worlds of animation.

Hosted by the Creative Talent Network, this seventh year event has captured both the industry and international community’s attention as a resource for education, employment, business opportunities and most of all FUN!

Check out Sergio Pablos’ CTN Expo profile!


Don’t miss it! Join the event on Facebook:

Or buy the TICKETS at: https://eventregistration.ctnadmin.com/event.php?eid=32&cid=2



We’re back with the 3rd Edition of our internal Character Design Challenge.

This weeks’ theme was “Jamaica” and you just have to check out the designs to see how the participants remarkably reflected the theme.

Here are the finalists and winner Jamaican Character Designs.

In an equally shared third place:

Laura Cobo (Clean-up Course Ex-Student), with a Jamaican dancer.


Daniel Morales (Clean-up Course Ex-Student), with a blind Jamaican man and his iguana as his guide.151015_Place3_DanielMorales

In the second place: Szymon Biernacki (Art Director in The SPA Studios), with a relaxed native.151015_Place2_Szymon

And, this Challenge’s winner:

Isa Vílchez Miguel (Clean-up Course Ex-Student), with an allegory of the country.



Congratulations everybody!

What will be the next theme? Keep up with us!



Sergio Pablos in AFM and CTN Animation eXpo 2015

November is just around the corner and it’s coming up with two major film events: the American Film Festival and the CTN Animation eXpo.

AFM_Logo         b1us1vMkOdl7uxyrw37YNM95_EIbIO5PSC046lFsYjQ       

Can’t wait to hear more?

Sergio Pablos will be an attendee in the American Film Market and exclusively unravel the art and techniques used in “Klaus” teaser in the CTN Animation eXpo.

First stop: Santa Monica, Nov 4-11. American Film Market 2015.

Over 8,000 industry leaders will converge for eight days of deal‐making, screenings, seminars, networking and events.  Don’t miss it! We won’t.

screenshotafm - copia (2)

Check out the AFM Attendee List in the following link:



An Atypical Post Office for World Post Day

Today is World Post Day.

We’d like to share with you a piece of artwork of the interior of an atypical Post Office from our upcoming Animated Feature Film “Klaus“.


Just remind you the US Exclusive Release of “Klaus” will be at CTN Animation eXpo 2015, November 20- 22 at The Burbank Marriott and Convention Center, Burbank, CA, US.

More info very soon at their webpage:

Happy Anniversary, “Despicable Me”!

A day like today, 5 years ago, “Despicable Me” was released in Spain.

For that reason, we want to share with you the original pitch idea that convinced the producers to make the lovable villain, “Gru”, a reality.


And remember…”Evil Masterminds Do Not Wait In Line For Coffee

This is just Page 6 from the Pitchbook.
You can check out the full Pitchbook at our website:


The Role of an Art Director in an Animated Film with Szymon Biernacki

We are proud to hear tomorrow Saturday 26th @ 11 AM PDT, our Art Director, Szymon Biernacki, will be giving a lecture about the role of an Art Director in an animated film, sharing his work and experience in our upcoming animated feature film Klaus!

Don’t miss it!

Reserve your online seats at: