Exclusive Interview! Despicable Me: The Origin

Exclusive interview! Sergio Pablos gives us a fascinating insight about the origin and development of the hit film, ‘Despicable Me’!

Animateducated: Sergio Pablos Interview

Sergio Pablos Interview

To kickoff 2016, Jim Richardson, from Animateducated Blog has interviewed Sergio Pablos on his animation carreer.

Just the beginning:

Sergio_2015 (4)

I was wondering if you could let us know how you first discovered the process of animation?

Sergio Pablos: “My parents tell me I was five years old when I first decided I was going to become an animator. I was always mesmerized by the idea that you could breath life, movement and soul into drawings. At the time, I knew nothing about the process, but it was always fascinating to me.”


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Chris Buck, Craig Maras, John Ripa, Sergio Pablos, Dean Wellins, Randy Myers, and Randy Haycock. 

The Bancroft Brothers Interview Sergio Pablos

Some have hailed Sergio Pablos as the savior of 2D animation with his new film “Klaus”.  The Bancroft Brothers dig deep to find out more about Sergio and his goals and passions.

bancroft brothers
The Bancroft Brothers interview Sergio Pablos.

Find full podcast on the following link:

Animation Podcast #27 – Sergio Pablos – Making Animation at Large and Small Studios