‘Klaus’ Animation Supervisor, Sergio Martins: WIP animation

Let us introduce you to one of our ‘Klaus’ Animation Supervisors, Sergio Martins, with this cool WIP animation of his! See why we hired him on the spot?

‘Klaus’ Teaser Background by Marcin Jakubowski

Moody early background design from the ‘Klaus’ teaser by Marcin Jakubowski!


Asterix and the Vikings rough animation by Valentín Amador

An oldie but  goodie! Asterix and the Vikings rough animation by Valentín Amador. Asterix-GIF

Early ‘Klaus’ Style Test by Szymon Biernacki

We’re happy to share another early ‘Klaus’ style test by Szymon Biernacki!


Clean Up Training Summer 2017

It’s a go!

The selected students have already started their Clean Up Training with us! We’re rooting for as many of them as possible to acquire the skills to join our ranks on ‘Klaus’.

2Q7A0028 - copia_02