Asterix and the Vikings rough animation by Valentín Amador

An oldie but  goodie! Asterix and the Vikings rough animation by Valentín Amador. Asterix-GIF

‘Household Pests’ Character Design by Dany Fernandez

Another fun character design proposal for ‘Household Pests’, in development over at Pigmental Studios ( Art by Dany Fernandez.


‘The Soldiers’ Speed Drawing by Sergio Pablos

Been waiting for the speed drawing of ‘The Soldiers’? Here it is! By Sergio Pablos.

Recruitment for ‘Klaus’ at Annecy Film Festival 2017

‘Klaus’ will be recruiting at this year’s Annecy International Animated Film Festival!

- Animation: Tuesday 13/6
– Storyboard: Tuesday 13/6
– Layout: Friday 16/6
– Concept: Friday 16/6

Click here to apply now

this one

Progression shot from the ‘Klaus’ Teaser trailer

Yet another progression shot from the ‘Klaus’ Teaser trailer. Enjoy!

Character Poses of Rio’s Nigel by Sergio Pablos

To finish our “Rio” week, here you have this great sheet of Nigel poses.