Recruitment for ‘Klaus’ at Annecy Film Festival 2017

‘Klaus’ will be recruiting at this year’s Annecy International Animated Film Festival!

- Animation: Tuesday 13/6
– Storyboard: Tuesday 13/6
– Layout: Friday 16/6
– Concept: Friday 16/6

Click here to apply now

this one

Smurfs animation by Jorge Capote

To celebrate the release of the new “Smurfs: The Lost Village” film, here you have this groovy animation by Jorge Capote as part of the work we did a while ago for “Smurfs: The Legend of Smurfy Hollow”. Enjoy!


Gorillaz Fan Art by Fernando González Malato

Check out this cool Gorillaz fan art by Fernando González Malato, a current intern in our Character Design Department

gorillaz spa SIN copyright

Thank you to our friends from Summa 3D

Thank you to our friends from Summa 3D for the great evening, recognition and award. It’s been a pleasure and we feel very grateful.

Sergio Pablos at Summa 3D Event.

Guillermo G Carsi, Manuel Cristobal, Javier Abad, Nico Matji, Sergio Pablos, Esther Valdivia, Gustavo Ferrada & Bermúdez talking about the future of animation in Spain.

Bermúdez, Sergio Pablos, Javier Abad & Gustavo Ferrada.

Summa 3D 2016 Award – Sergio Pablos. 

Happy World Animation Day!

Better late than never…Happy World Animation Day!

Yesterday, 28th October 2015, was the 14th International Animation Day.

This event was proclaimed in 2002 by the ASIFA (International Animated Film Association) as the main global event to celebrate the art of animation.

In recent years, the event has been observed in more than 50 different countries with more than 1000 events, on every continent, all over the world.

We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to congratulate everyone working in the world of Animation with this small tribute.

world animation day

Enjoy! Have a lovely (Post-) Animation Day!