The SPA Studios - Sergio Pablos Animation

VEGA - European animation studios group has been established.

"Major international productions require large teams, skilled and experienced management and substantial technical and logistical resources..."

VEGA is a new European wide network of Very Good Animation studios with substantial collective experience of high quality feature film animation. Jointly VEGA is able to deliver the scale of resources and skills base that combined with our ability to work together smoothly and effectively means we can implement your future project at the highest possible quality whilst respecting the constraints of your budget and schedule.

A key feature of the VEGA network is its ability to ramp up rapidly, driven by its extensive shared co-operative work experience.

The "VEGA studios" members account the following most recent productions:

  • Titeuf, le film - Feature Film produced by Moonscoop, released April2011.
  • L’Illusionniste - Feature Film produced by Django Films, released in June 2010. 2011 Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature, Golden Globe nomination, and 5 Annie Awards. 2011 César of the best animated feature.
  • Ruby Tuesday - Europacorp, Jagged Films, Ruby Films - pending.
  • Brendan And The Secret Of Kells - Cartoon Saloon, Les Armateurs, Vivi Film, 2008, Oscar nomination, European Film Awards nomination.
  • Astérix and the Vikings - M6, Mandarin, 2D/3D animation - 2006
  • Belleville Rendez-vous - Les Armateurs, France3, RGP, Production Champion, Vivi Film, 2003, 2004 Oscar for the best original soundtrack, nominated at the European Film Awards.

VEGA studios accounts: