The Bancroft Brothers Interview Sergio Pablos

Some have hailed Sergio Pablos as the savior of 2D animation with his new film “Klaus”.  The Bancroft Brothers dig deep to find out more about Sergio and his goals and passions.

bancroft brothers
The Bancroft Brothers interview Sergio Pablos.

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Animation Podcast #27 – Sergio Pablos – Making Animation at Large and Small Studios



The SPA Studios Internal Character Design Challenge

In The SPA Studios we are back to work; and we are back with new creative ideas.

We’re doing a weekly internal tematic Character Design Challenge.

This weeks’ theme was “Apocalypse” and the challenge was full of impressive designs.

However, only three get to the final and only one is claimed winner.

Here are the finalists and winner Character Designs of this week.

In the third place, Isa Vílchez Miguel (Clean-up Course Ex-Student), with what an Apocalyptic girl would be playing.

In the second place, Dany Fernández Casas (Character Designer in The SPA Studios), with a tribute to all the mothers.


And, finally, the winner: Bárbara Negrete (Clean-up Course Ex-Student) with this amazing Apocalyptic Character Design.


Congratulations everybody!

What will be the theme for next week? Keep up with us!

The SPA Studios will participate in MIFA and Annecy

In Annecy: Conference “Anatomy of a Studio: Sergio Pablos Animation(Thursday June 18th)

Find out how this Spanish animation studio is able to work with some of the biggest names in the industry like Universal, Blue Sky, DreamWorks or Warner Bros.

He will also present a sneak peek of the studio’s latest project, “Klaus”, where his creative team has experimented with bridging the gap between traditional animation and CGI.


In MIFA: Session “Focus On Spain (Wednesday June 17th)

This year the Festival and the Market will be paying tribute to Spain as a guest country.

“Klaus” has been selected as one of the 14 best projects to represent the Spanish animation industry in this session.

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Sergio Pablos, head of the SPA Studios in Madrid, will address the process of content creation from the earliest stages.

From the original idea, to development, to the pitch; using case studies from his own creations like Despicable Me, he’ll walk you through all you need to know about putting your idea together for potential producers, buyers or investors.Also, you won’t want to miss a sneak peek at “Klaus”, the SPA Studio’s latest Feature Film project.See the detatils in FMX website